Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lego Hearts

Levi's friend, Mason, learned how to make hearts out of Legos. He brought one in for sharing time last week and Levi thought it was pretty cool. Levi came home and made one himself. Then Jonathan caught on and they both made bunches of hearts with all of our Legos. They would disappear for awhile and then appear, handing me a heart. It was very sweet. I think they are really cute so we are using them for Valentine decorations.



Jenna said...

That's so funny...Matthew came home wanting to make the same thing! I didn't know exactly where the idea came from...the even funnier part is that Matthew took that to sharing time too! Only a kindergardener can get away with "copying" I guess. (:

heather said...

so cute!

GRodenberg said...

you guys are seriously into Valentine's Day!!!! Good training for all those boys- won;t they be the BEST husbands ever?