Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daddy's helpers

Lance is set on training the boys how to work. It is one of Lance's great talents, a strong work ethic, and he is recruiting all Sanders boys to learn how to build something and to do it well. Lance is currently replacing the fence between us and our neighbor to the north. The boys helped dig holes(a little), and Jonathan is hosing out the wheelbarrow. Jonathan is always asking why he has to help because he'd much rather be logged onto club penguin, but he is learning and is very coordinated and is turning out to be a good little worker. Seth wore his yellow hard hat around all morning. He loves to watch Lance and is very observant, learning what needs to be done.

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GRodenberg said...

That is so awesome! Everyone thought I was a slave driver with my kids, but now Austin works several jobs, bought his own car, pays for insurance and his phone, as well as tithing and 20% to savings...It's so cool when it pays off and they can responsibly transition into adulthood! Good job Sanders boys!