Friday, March 14, 2008

Milky, milk, milp

Seth has this routine that he goes through when he gets a cup of milk. First, he cries for the milk. He is not talking very much yet, so he still cries and points a lot until he gets what he needs. And sometimes he makes the sign for milk which is a squeezing hand action that looks like you are milking a cow. So, then I get him the milk and before I give him the cup he has to attempt to say, "milk". It is so cute how he squeaks out the word, "milp". I am not sure what the reason for the delay in his speech is, but it just seems like he cannot get the sounds that he wants to make coordinate with the sounds that actually come out. He started speech therapy 2 times a week a few weeks ago and it seems like he is already at least trying to say new words. Before this, he would just flat out refuse. So he has increased his vocabulary to about 10 words-no, mama, dada, yah, yeah, hey, uhoh, up, help, milk or milp, maybe a few more. Anyway, after he gets the milk, he climbs into his bed and gets all snuggied up in his two favorite blankies to drink the milk. Sometimes he even falls asleep for a nap. He is a creature of habit, that is for sure. We just need to instill some good habits in this kid and he will go far!


Jessica said...

So sweet. I am excited to hear him talking more. I wish I could get my kids to drink more milk. They just don't really like it, unless it is flavored :)

JaNae said...

Max is also signing, and milk is his favorite sign. Mostly because he always seems to want more Milk more MIlk!!! Still nursing, that sign is all too perfect.