Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A summer day at Lemon Park

This summer we went to Lemon Park with the Tourdots and the Henrys. We have all been friends since Jonathan was in preschool. Jonathan became instant friends with Augie Tourdot and Miles Henry and I love the mothers of those boys so we have tried to keep in touch and get together through the years. Well, this was one of our summer events-going to the water park and having lunch and playing at the playground. I had a great time visiting with Martyn and Monica and well..... you can see that the boys had a great time too!

Jackson, Miles, another friend, Augie, Jonathan. -----I think they are trying to step on the water holes.

Absolutely soaked!----------------------------Miles being nice after Jonathan was mean.

Charlie filling up his bottle.-------------------They are enjoying themselves!

I love the excitement in their actions!

Price was just fine away from the water. Silly boy!

All four of my boys in one shot!
It was a fun time! We also made a trip to Crystal Cove Beach and had the best time playing in the sand, water, tidepools. We went there a couple of times last summer and thought it was a great beach. Monica was the one who told us about it. We have seen the dolphins jumping in the water and it is such a beautiful sight. I could stare at the water all day and be so thrilled each time they pop up out of the water. Anyway, love to hang out with these people. They are great to be around.

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