Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gingerbread Boys

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President Stanford(1st counselor in our stake presidency) told me that I should keep my boys busy doing something good and I find that when I do, our home is so much more pleasant. I really like to do crafts and cook and bake and when I let my kids join me, they learn and have fun too. (If I don't get upset about the mess they make) Anyway, I am so grateful that these little guys like to do the stuff that I like to do. They would do a craft every day if I would organize it, but then I go and neglect the things that I need to do. Ahhh, to find a balance. These little gingerbread men were fun to make and they smell so good when they are baking. Warm, spicy smells at Christmas time are so wonderful!


Brock said...

Yeah for you Leslie! What a good mom. The cookies look yummie/darling.

GRodenberg said...

good advice! I need to come up with things for Landon and Dallen to do this break- thanks for giving me the idea!

ward family said...

Good job! What a fun activity to do as a family. I need to let loose more and do creative projects with my boys. You inspire me!