Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tool Twick!

Last night, Jonathan, Levi, and I were sitting on the couch reading a story from "Tales of Beedle the Bard". Seth and Price were playing with their trains. At one point Seth got up onto the hope chest in front of the couch and jumped over to the couch. The jump onto the couch launched him so high, he flew over the back of the couch and onto the floor behind the couch. We heard a little surprised cry and then Seth proceeded to come out into our view and yelled with his arms open wide, "TOOL TWICK!" Levi interpreted his exclamation and asked Seth if he did a "cool trick". Seth was like, "Yeah, tool twick!" and he used his hand to gesture where his jump took him. He motioned to the hope chest, to the couch, and then over the back of the couch. We all started laughing hysterically. We were crying! Lance had to come out and see what we were all laughing about. It was so funny. I love it when stuff like that happens in our family. I am really glad that Seth did not get hurt and it turned out to be a good memorable moment! I love our family! I think the best part about it was that we had just been talking about Joseph B. Wirthlin's last conference talk in our devotional earlier in the evening-"Come What May and Love It". Jonathan had been having a grumpy night and we talked about how you should just laugh when you feel like being grumpy or angry or anything else negative. So it was fun to be able to laugh together!


Sara Warren said...

"Tool" & uplifting story. Thanks Leslie!

Marathon Mama said...

Such a cute story to teach a positive lesson! You are awesome girl! I sure wish you'd join us runnin' some day, Leslie! So good to see you this morning!