Wednesday, January 28, 2009

when we're helping we're happy.....

Lance is always trying to teach the boys to work. Most of the time, these guys don't like the jobs they get assigned, but today was different. They were so excited and worked most of the day and there was literally no complaining. It was so great. The got to use the power drill and they really love that. They needed to drill holes in over 100 pieces of wood and here is the proof that they did it. Our addition is going to be built in no time if we have helpers like these!
Now that's a lot of holes!


Erin said...

What good little workers you have! (Or should I say- what good parents to make them work!) It looks like things are coming along on the house...good luck! I can't wait to see more pictures of the progress!

Courtney said...

Bet those boys are in heaven! SO fun that you are adding on to your house :) It's been too long since I checked in with you guys...looks like you are doing well as always! Love you!